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Italian record research – If you ever thought about having a copy of the your 6th great grandparent's birth record, or finding out that your ancestor was lawyer or shoemaker in the early 1800s, ItaliaPatria Genealogy can help you locate and obtain Italian birth, marriage, and death records for those individuals in your Italian ancestry and research.


Build Your Family Tree How far back would you like to go on your Italian ancestry? Did you wonder whether your 7th, or even 9th great grandparent's are all from the same little town in Italy before Napolean's reign? By reaching out to Italian Patria Genealogy with an open-ended project, we will research as far back as possible on as many branches and in as much depth as you allow time for within your allotted budget.


Strategy Consultation on Your Own Research Are you a budding genealogist, but need some extra help? ItaliaPatria Genealogy provides research consultation in-person, over the phone, or online, to provide you with next steps and to help construct a research plan.  Our genealogists will work with you to develop a plan for your research that you will then undertake on your own, or through which we coach you along the way.


Heir Research  ItaliaPatria Genealogy has experience working with attorneys as they have determined a need to identify next-of-kin or other individuals pertinent to inheritance cases.


Speed Bumps and Brick Walls - You're stuck, hit a brick wall, and are unable to get beyond the first residence point of your Italian grandparents.  Maybe you have been told they are from Palermo, Sicily when in fact that may have merely been where they departed from Italy for America.  Your grandfather told you his name was one surname but, in fact, it was changed upon arriving in the port of Boston, MA.  With so many reasons for why your are stuck in your research, ItaliaPatria Genealogy will focus its research and expertise on investigating Thea successful way through your particular genealogical problem.


On-Site Archives/Repository ResearchItaliaPatria Genealogy has researchers available to perform research at the following repositories:

  • New York City area repositories (Municipal Archives, National Archives, City Hall)

  • Philadelphia area repositories (National Archives, City Archives, City Hall & Marriage License Bureau)

  • New Jersey State Archives & Library

  • New Jersey county courthouses

  • Family History Library (Salt Lake City)

  • National Archives (Washington, D.C.)


Individual Biographies - Curious about that why one part of your Italian family settled in San Francisco, CA and another settled in Pittston, PA or the Wyoming Valley? ItaliaPatria Genealogy will set forth on investigating the in-depth story of an individual’s life using the time allotted within your budget.

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