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About Us


ItaliaPatria Genealogy is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and abides by the APG genealogy Code of Ethics


  Our dedicated researchers can help you and your family find ancestral origins and solve some of your more difficult research problems - starting from scratch or somewhere in-between. With ItaliaPatria Genealogy, you decide how you want to plant and fertilize your ancestral tree, how focused or broad you want to take the research and analysis.


      We can help you sow the seed to your family history project, cultivating upon one family line or ancestor, or apply a healthy dose of fertilizer to build the main trunks of your tree – all within the extent of your budget and curiosity. 

        ItaliaPatria are professional Italian genealogists based in New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA. We have access to all major and minor Italian repositories. If necessary, we will also travel to any county archive or library that hold sources that could progress our search. With over 40 years’ experience researching Italian Genealogy, we are experts at solving family mysteries, digging up long lost ancestors and building extensive Italian family trees.


         Our research is conducted to the highest professional standards, we will leave no stone unturned in our search for your genealogy in Italy and the U.S. Our results are sent to you in a detailed report presented in a clear and coherent manner, with descriptions of the sources consulted, additional historical context and copies of all original documents (where it is possible for us to make copies).


      Contact us at ItaliaPatria Genealogy today to find out how we can aid you in your search. A minimum of 4 hours is requested for research projects. For all research projects, ItaliaPatria Genealogy requires that all research done previously be shared so as not to repeat research – we respect privacy concerns and abide by all current privacy laws.


      Do you have a dormant family tree with withering leaves?  We love a challenge and we will nurture your family history research tree as if it were our own.

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